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Our instructors teach students ages 2 and up at all experience levels. Lessons cover safety, equine communication, tack and equipment, parts of the horse, and horsemanship skills. Classes that are offered:

  • Riding Lessons (Exposure, Regular, and Private)
  • Natural Horsemanship
  • Colt-Starting

We provide lesson horses but also accept students bringing their own horse in private lessons. We have an open-door policy and encourage parents to observe! ​We also invite family and friends to come watch our showcase event during the final class.


All lessons are taught at 1645 S. Main Street, Lewiston, Utah 84320. Please park down in the dirt on the south side of the house as to not block the driveway. If you choose to park along the road, do so cautiously.


Safety of students and horses is our top priority! Helmets are required for students of ALL ages and will be mandatory while on horseback. It is strongly recommended that each student purchase their own helmet in their size. Helmets are available for lease until personal helmets can be purchased (if you need help finding and selecting a helmet, we would be happy to help!)

Jeans and toe-covering shoes (preferably boots) are also required for all lessons. Please bring a water bottle, sunscreen, hat, jacket, etc. as the weather requires.

Signed Liability and Registration forms are necessary before participating in any classes.


Lessons are organized in "levels" that take into account the experience of the student as well as the horse. All beginning students start as a Level 1. After each 4-week session is completed, students receive a certificate of completion verifying they learned and demonstrated the knowledge required to advance. Registering for the correct level is important; this will ensure students sign up for the correct class which will consist of 2-3 students at the same experience level. If you do not know the current level or cannot remember, please call or text McKenzie before registering.


Lessons are set up in 30 and 60 minute increments depending on the level of the rider. At the start of each lesson we will learn new material, review homework and information from the previous week, and clarify any questions students have. The remainder of class will be spent applying the principles on the ground or on horseback.


All lessons must be paid for before the start of the lesson. We accept cash and upon request, Venmo (see bottom of page). No refunds will be given. If lessons are cancelled due to weather or emergency, a replacement lesson may be offered. Prices and payment plans are listed below.

Classes Offered

Riding Lessons (Exposure, Regular, Private)

Natural Horsemanship



Exposure Lessons are group lessons for children ages 2-5 years old and are focused on teaching the basics at an age-appropriate level. Exposure Lessons center around gaining confidence and being comfortable around horses.

  • 30 min lessons
  • 1 weekly lesson for 4 weeks
  • $40 per lesson OR $150 package pay up front


Regular Lessons are group lessons (2-3 students) for all those interested in riding and learning basic horsemanship skills who are over the age of 6 years old.

  • 60 min lessons
  • 1 weekly lesson for 4 weeks
  • $55 per lesson OR $200 package pay up front


Private Lessons ensure completely 1-on-1 time. Students are able to have more specialized instruction in what skills the student wants to work on after learning basic horsemanship skills on the ground and on horseback. Perfect option for adults or those who would like to bring or use their own horse! (Ask about travel fee for instructor to come to your barn)

  • 60 min lessons
  • 1 weekly lesson for 4 weeks
  • $300 (please ask about payment options)


In this class we increase self-awareness as we practice positive mentality, visualization, and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of equine interaction mostly from the ground. We learn about and utilize tools and aids, but emphasize the importance of body language, energy, and intent.

  • 60 min lessons
  • 1 weekly lesson for 4 weeks
  • $150 per student


In this course students get the hands-on experience of participating in the behind the scenes of training and desensitizing baby horses. We use brushes, pool noodles, balls, flags, ropes, water, treats, and obstacles to teach tolerance and trust. Students also get to learn how to rope a steer head and compete in a mini-roping competition in the final class!

  • 60 min lessons
  • 1 weekly lesson for 4 weeks
  • $150 per student

Forms to Complete

Registration & Waiver must be completed before any student will be allowed to participate in lessons. Please print, fill out, and return each form for each student taking lessons.

Contact Us

PHONE: (435) 849-1950
INSTAGRAM: @manesandreinsacademy