At Manes & Reins Academy, the focus is on the relationship between humans and horses as we work together to build trust, confidence, skills, and connection.

As an instructor, I provide my students with personalized feedback to ensure that the information is understood as we accomplish individual goals. As an avid horsewoman, I strongly believe that no one is too young or too old to cultivate their passion for horses.
During lessons we build on skills from week to week, foster growth and improvement, and encourage personal development. We work as a team to increase the bond between horse and rider while learning and refining skills on the ground as well as on horseback in an atmosphere that promotes confidence and personal growth.
Get to Know McKenzie

At Manes & Reins Academy, students will learn:

  • Horsemanship
  • Riding Skills
  • Groundwork
  • Schooling & Training Practices
  • Horse Communication
  • Equine Safety
  • Tack & Equipment Use & Maintenance
  • Equine Anatomy
  • Horse Health & Wellness


“Manes & Reins is such a great place! When my daughters first started riding lessons from McKenzie, they were nervous and wary around horses. Within just a couple of short lessons they were riding, trotting, and being around horses comfortably. McKenzie has not only taught the girls how to ride horses, but she is also giving them confidence in themselves and helping them recognize the strengths they have and can achieve even more. She is kind, understanding, patient and has a deep love for horses and her students. She’s so great that me and my sister started lessons and have learned so much from her. She’s a great person and runs a great business. We can’t wait for the weather to warm up and start lessons again!”
-Joanna O.

“My daughter has been doing lessons with McKenzie for over two years now and we’ve loved every lesson.  I appreciate how my kiddo learns about horse care and safety along with the riding. McKenzie is positive and fun and has fostered a love of horsemanship in my little cowgirl! We can’t wait for little sister to be old enough to join in the fun at Manes & Reins, too!
-Hannah H.

“If you are thinking about doing or having your kids do riding lessons, you need to check out Manes and Reins Riding Academy. I started having my daughters do lessons here, and I have seen an amazing shift in their confidence, my oldest especially. She started off very timid and ended up galloping with no fear. This confidence has spread into other areas of her life. Needless to say, she will continue doing lessons here! After seeing how wonderful Coach Kenzie is with my kids, I actually signed up myself! She doesn't make me feel too old for just starting out and it was amazing to have an outdoor activity for me to do! I have learned more than I ever thought I would! DO NOT hesitate to sign up for these lessons!”
-Kelsie N.

“We absolutely LOVE taking riding lessons with McKenzie. My girls have learned so much and have gained a ton of confidence both in horsewoman-ship and in life. I love that they learn about all facets of working with horses, not just riding. We also have a blast just hanging out with all the fun farm animals! We'll for sure continue taking lessons, and we highly recommend it to anyone considering joining.”
 -Heidi D.

“I cannot rave enough about Coach Kenzie! She truly is amazing to work with. She has a perfect mixture of fun, knowledge & safety in all her lessons. She does not skip over any steps and believes every single thing you learn in your lesson will help you become a better rider. My daughter has been taking lessons for the last 3 years now (started at age 2) and I have been so impressed by how excellent of a rider she is becoming and what she is already capable of doing at such a young age. I love how McKenzie interacts with my daughter and the amount of knowledge she gives in every single lesson. My daughter even talks about Coach Kenzie when she isn’t actively taking lessons from her. That to me says everything!”
-Nycole H.